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Richard Hiron Or Hirons


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hi badpenny..think we will need a bit more info than just a name..ie when born..where lived...married or single or anything you know about him may help with research

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I don't know much about Richard Hiron just started to investigate the who/when/where so not much to go on yet.

He married a Matilda Philpot in Birmingham June Qtr 1847, hence my request for any 1851 census info.


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No - I think he married Ann Pocket. If you find the list of marriages in 1847 it doesn't pair the couples up - it just tells you who is listed on the page. I did find the marriage register at St Martins.



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master brummie
If that is correct then I think he is on the 1851 census (transcribed as Heron on Ancestry). By then he has 2 children with Ann. Mary aged 3 and Elizabeth aged 11 months. He is a labourer and was born in Cannon in Gloucestershire. Address looks like William St. ct 16 (very hard to read). He is on the 1861 and 1871 censuses as Hirons. I also think the baby Elizabeth must have died as in 1861 there is another Elizabeth aged 3 (quite common using same name again in those days).