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Restoration of KDZ 5805


Staff member
well done son...you got there:encouragement:

any chance of a forum charabanc trip to the seaside next summer...

mom xx
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Lubrication In Moderation
Well done Tom. Now you can call your mom a twirly when she tries to get on your bus in the morning and says " Am I to early"

Austin K2

master brummie
Nice to see Tom driving a real Routemaster today - and to show him progress on KDZ 5805!

Talking of routemasters, if anyone is in the area local to Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire next July 18th/19th 2015, you may like to call in to visit Woodhall Spa' 1940's weekend where we have a routemaster taking people for rides.
I know that the routemaster was not a wartime bus, but it's the only vintage bus we have attending at the moment.


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just like to say congratulations to our tom....after a few months of being a cleaner and part time driver he is now a full time bus driver....knew you would get there son...well done..

mom x