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Restaurants In Birmingham 1960s


master brummie
Restaurants in Birmingham

Another restaurant I recall was the Burlington - was it part of the Burlington Hotel? - time has dimmed my memory, but it was in Burlington
Passage off New Street, we went there for special occasions, I think it later became Bobby Browns.

Another place for special occasions was The Albany Hotel, I think it was called the Four Seasons Resaurant, my sister and her husband took us there for their Silver Wedding Anniversary 1971, and my parents for their
Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1973.
The burlington great place go in down the stairs for well served 3 course


master brummie
Folk MUST remember "The Curry Garden" in Erdington........had a FEW curries there over the years.
Also "The Green Bengal" I think it was in Coton Lane Erdington.
But the BEST place for a curry was 'The Asian Grill" at Town Gate in Sutton..........