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Redhill Terrace, Hay Mills


master brummie
Thank you
Hi, Never lived in this area but, my dad worked in Redhill Rd at CWS Cabinet, it became Carters when Co-op move to Shirley. You mention a family called Mole in the terrace, there was a Frankie Mole who worked at WB in Amington Rd. led a pop group in 1960's and not a bad footballer for a little-un. He would be nigh on eighty now!


master brummie
Hi Yes if I remember right the CWS factory was on the corner of Arthur road and Redhill road everything they made was wooden. When I was a kid I loved the smell that came from the factory. Frankie Mole was no relation to the moles who lived in Redhill Terrace I believe frank mole and his family lived in Francis Road Hay mills.