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recommended book


gone but not forgotten
hi guys
i can reomend a bok titled birmingham on post card which i have just discovered the other day at a charity shop in bromsgrove
it is birmingham on old post cards and it as over 300 Illsusstrations in it and it covers virtualy all of brum
pubs council building even coats of arms of birmingham and aston and a whole range of places adverts you name it its got it
and the aurther is by john marks even the king and queens priced 99p highly reco;
best wishes astonian;;


master brummie
Staff member
Hi Astonian: You were lucky to find that book in a charity shop for 99p. John Marks put out a few books on Birmingham and there is a thread about his books on
this forum going back to 2009. Which volume is the one that you found please?


gone but not forgotten
Jenny there is no volume number on it on the front cover its a yellow covered book
and the heading in a square box around it centre of the cover is printed
the city and suburbs in the early twentieth century
In over 300 illustrations
then you have arealasable size photo of warick rd acocks gren and some shops with what appears to be the first people carrier of a bus ;
and at the botom of the book underneath the photograph ; is written by john marks
it was first published in 1982; by Reflections of a Bygone age
keyworth Nottingham it was printed and sold orininaly for 2 pounds ninety five pence i got it from oxfam shop in bromscrove
there is a picture of john what appears to be in a libary of books standing next to the book shelfs holding a copy of his book
with this titeled book;
John won awards fordisplays at the british international post card exibition [ BIPEX ] each year from1977 to 1980,
Receiving best of show award in 1979 the birmingam mail as used his cards as the basis of several special suppliments
and he states he at present working on a volume of social history portrayed on post cards ; they are brillient of every subject you can think off best wishes astonian; Alan ;;;;;;