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Rea Street


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Just managed to get on the history site after many tries. I am very pleased to give some information regarding the above photo. After trying to trace my family tree for sometime I have now found out that my great grandad was Douglas Alexander of 98 Rea Street. He had marionettes was a Punch & Judy man and conjurer. I have a very old programme of his works giving references if his work at parties for the rich and famous. It is wonderful to find this photo as I seem to be finding more out day by day.
Great Maggie at last as you say finding out more day by day.


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Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help me? I recently sent off for an ancestors death certificate. It came today and the place of death is "at the premises of messus fisher and Ludlow in rea street. He died in 1942, is anyone aware of this messus fisher and ludlow and what kind of business it was as I have tried googling it and nothing came up


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I am surprised that you did not find anything on Google as there seem to be a number of references to it there,. The company was a steel pressings company, specializing in Car bodywork pressings, and later became owned by the British Motor Corporation. the factory is marked in red on the c1937 map below.

map c1937 showing fisher and ludlow factory, Rea St.jpg


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There is a specific thread about F&L. They moved from Rea Street around 1950. Little about WW2 however.