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Ray family Birmingham, relatives of Ellen Ray


master brummie
Hi I am looking for any family or any information on Ellen Ray who married my gt grandad George Field and she was born in 1865 , her mom was Caroline Ray and father William Ray.

They lived in Ormond street in Birmingham, I would love to get in touch with a relation of Caroline Ray . :encouragement:


Brummie from Down-Under


N0 3 Court 4 Newhall Ct

William Ray age 39 all born Birmingham
Caroline wife age 43
Alfred son age 2
Nelly dau age 5


Bk 44 Newhall Street

William Ray age 49
Caroline age 54
Ellen dau age 16
Alfred son age 13
Henry son age 11


22 Court 6 house

Lower Tower Street

William Ray age 29 all born Birmingham Spur bowell Maker
Caroline wife age 33
Jane dau age 5
William son age 3
George son age 1
Mary Bentley boarder single age 75

1851 Birmingham Warwickshire

William Ray age 19 boarder spur bowell maker

William Ray married Caroline Houghton 2 may 1853 he was age 22 Caroline age 25 at Hockley, All Saints Warwickshire both fathers are called William

Birmingham Warwickshire 6d page 3

1841 Birmingham Warwickshire

William Houghton age 37 shoe M
Maria age 35
Caroline age 13
George age 10
Hannah age 6


Brummie from Down-Under

245 Farm Street

G.W Field age 46 born St George Birmingham Metal Ansealer
Ellen age 45 St Pauls Birmingham married 22 years born 9 children 6 still alive
Florry dau age 20 St Stevensons Birmingham
Frederick W son age 16 St Stevensons
Charles H son age 9 St Stevensons
Beatrice dau age 7 All Saints
Lily dau age 6 All Saints
Violet dau age 4 St George

7 court 3 house
Ormond Street

George Field age 36 Metal Moller
Ellen wife age 36
Florry dau age 10
Frederick son age 6
Charles son age 5 months

23 Ormond street
George Field age 26 Copper and Brass founder all born Birmingham
Ellen wife age 26 Warehouse woman

Florrie dau age 9 months
Lizzie Wright boarder


master brummie
Guys this is amazing information wow , this will help me lots. Thanks for all of your help, ps where do you suggest I look for any relatives of Ellen Ray as in trying to contact descendants ????


Brummie from Down-Under
I have contacted 4 trees on Ancestry and told them where to find you I am hoping they will contact you


master brummie
Down under you are a little diamond , thankyou soooooo much for your help , you dont have to help people but you do out of the kindness of your heart .