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paul stacey

master brummie
I remember as a kid my mom and dad sitting at the kitchen table for ages working on those books about 1950/51, or even slightly earlier.


master brummie
Bishopmate - thanks for sharing your interesting photos, I think the shops cut out the coupons.
I lived through rationing from start to finish and as a small child remember queuing with my mom to get the ration books from the 'Food Office' which I think was in a large white building by the Hall of Memory.
The weekly ration was quite small by today's standards, but I don't remember feeling hungry and seem to look quite well nourished in family photos which I put in another thread. I remember eating thick slices of bread cut from a 'National Loaf' and spread with real dripping. Rationing seemed to work quite well but I remember hearing talk of certain shops keeping items 'under the counter'.


master brummie
I can my Mom taking me to Mrs Payne's sweetshop at the top of Villa Road in Handsworth on rare occasions when I was a little girl to buy some sweets with our Ration Book coupons. Don't think we were allowed much. I seem to remember Cadbury's 2d bars for some reason.