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I feel the rain upon my face.
It trickles down my cheek.
It feels so soft upon my lips,
I taste it when I speak.

The rain beats gently on the roof,
It makes a calming sound.
I listen to it as I walk
Playfully hit the ground.

The air is fresh and full of smells
That come alive with rain.
Sweet Lilac is my favorite scent
Which wafts into my brain.

Each time it rains I feel a peace
I do not normally feel.
It washes pain and grief away.
Rain helps my soul to heal.


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
:D What a great poem cearle, I now have a whole new way of looking at a wet day, thank you 8) .

Chris :)


Lovely - I too love the rain (just as well in this neck of the woods). I came home the other evening and it was drizzling and the smell of my lavender was wonderful!


master brummie
The wonders of rain

So true - I love to walk in the woods after its rained, the smells are so lovely