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Queens Hospital Bath Row


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Edit. For discussion about Birmingham Accident Hospital please see this thread here https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/birmingham-accident-hospital.34259/


I have received a death certificate today for my great great grandmother Lydia Taylor nee Lambon. Lydia died in Queens hospital as a result of burns to her face and body when her clothes were ignited by a paraffin lamp. I am going to check the archives for a coroners report as it was recorded as an Accidental Death. Where is Queens Hospital was it associated with the QE? Does anyone know?
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The Queens Hospital was in Bath Row founded in 1897 when the QE was built in 1930's the Queens moved their, in 1941 the old Queens building became the Birmingham Accident and Rehab Centre (it closed in 1993)which was World famous for its pioneering work with burns.
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Thank you Di and Cromweel I thought it might be the one. I remember visiting my brother there when he was invovled in a car accident. I wasn't sure because of all the other old hospital buildings such as the eye hospital and the ear nose and throat where I had the experience of having my tonsils removed Yuk! I never realised that the building was still there I shall have to take a mosey on down there.


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:angel: Until I joined this site I had no idea just how many of Birmingham's hospitals I had attended:
The Eye;
Where I had thirteen eye operations from birth - 13yrs of age.
Where I had my sprained wrist put in 'Plaster-of-Paris' aged 7yrs
Ear, Nose and Throat;
Where I too had my tonsils removed aged 9yrs
Where I had my front tooth removed age 10yrs
Where I was tested for TB, but found to be allergic to most vegetables aged 11yrs.
Where they tried to make me grow from aged 6yrs - 13yrs (They failed)LOL

and of course Gt Charles St School Clinic and Sheep St too.

These days I'm sure my poor Mom would be accused of having 'Münchhausen's syndrome by proxy' a condition where a parent, usually the mother, produces factitious illness and or hospital admissions for a the child.

But my Gran from Park Lane had it right, she just called me 'The Little Pest'


master brummie
Yes I had my tonsils out at the ear nose and throat I was 19 and in the childrens ward the consultant was Mr Brain. For what reason other than eye problems obviously I have attended the eye hospital. At 21 I had my appendix removed at Dudley Road now the City Hospital. I had both my sons at Selly Oak Hospital, received treatment at the Womens Hospital formerly Birmingham Maternity Hospital adj to Queen Elizabeth's the consultant Mr Pogmore. I think your Gran sounds lovely.


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A useful summary of the Queens Hospital buildings as they developed with dates. Today just two of the three remain. Viv.

image.jpeg image.jpeg


Bath Row & acci on the left..jpg
Not a brilliant photo, Bath Row outside The Queen's Hospital looking towards the City.