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Pussycat dreams for Percy Puss


master brummie
Percy Puss
At the beginning of the year we had a stray black tom on the terrace...he just appeared and looked a bit bedraggled, scars on his nose and he would just hiss at everyone....no meow at all. Having helped another stray puss with a neighbour a few years before, I was a bit dubious as the first cat eventually was diagnosed with Bovine TB and had to be put to sleep. So... after a few weeks Stray No 2 was still about and getting a bit braver so I put a collar on him to say "is this your cat" but nobody claimed him. He really needed a good home and he didn't seem to fight with any of the other cats or my female puss either. I called him Percy. He soon settled in... had a chair in the kitchen.. would eat for England! Had him checked over at the vets as he had a bit of a snuffle which we thought was cat flu and was on antibiotics - 2 lots in fact. Had him doctored and micro-chipped. Percy was very loveable and would follow us about and would just jump up and sit on our laps. Loved having his tummy tickled. I could even clip his claws for him, he just stretched his paws out! He would hear the window catch and he was at the window wanting to come in. The last few days he has had a terrible cold and we booked him in to the vets today. We certainly were not prepared for the outcome of a blood test which proved positive.. his immune system was breaking down and even if he was on antibiotics this was only going to be a short term help. He would have to be an indoor cat from now on. We stood there a bit shell-shocked but the vet was saying Percy was going to be seriously ill very soon and the most kindest thing we could do would be to have Percy put to sleep. My poor Percy really didn't deserve all this... we shall never know where he came from..but I thankfully took him in and loved and cared for him over the last few months... he had a loving home and somewhere he could come to for food and comfort. Thank you Percy Puss... Thank you for choosing us...
God Bless.. we are going to miss you xxx xxx xxx Georgie


master brummie
A sad end to the tale, thanks for sharing it. It is sometimes hard to do what is undoubtedly the kindest thing for your pets when they become ill.


true brummie
georgie, you did a wonderful job of giving a lovely cat some happiness.

so sorry you have lost him but you know that you did the very best you could and i thank you for that


Cradley Heathen
Hi Georgie,

My thoughts are with you, having to make the awful but very kind decision you did today. We took a one eyed Tom cat in a few years ago, who like Percy just appeared one day, he was the terror of the neighbourhood !

Sadly we had to make the same decision as you, which is so hard to come to terms with.

It would be nice to think that in pussy cat heaven, Percy Puss and Tom Cat are chasing mice.



G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Georgie I am so sorry for Percy but what a lucky cat to have found you in the first place and I am sure you spoilt him rotten. When you are ready we would love to see a photo of Percy. I have gone through this more times than I care to remember and feel for you. You take care from Jean.


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Staff member
Georgie, so sorry to read about Percy Puss. You did a great job of looking after him.


master brummie
Yes... that was moreorless what the vet was saying at the end... Percy would be with all the other pussycats.

We had Roger the Lodger (another stray) too for 12 years... he was a loveable rogue! bless him. He was as good as gold with our guests. As old age got to him he went senile and would get lost in the house so I had to put a bell on him so I could find him... all very sad but he wasn't in any pain and I rocked him off to sleep at night.

Thank you everyone for replying :) Georgie

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Georgie our next door neighbour had her cats for 25 years and they too went senile. In the end it was kinder to let them go. I phoned an elderly ladt who lives on a farm in Cheltenham and has heards of cows that went to market for meat but her cat had to be put down and she is devastated. Her only close friend left she said but when she is ready she will get another one unless one turns up on the doorstep like her last one. Take it easy from Jean.


Oh that is sad - but you obviously did your best for poor Percy Puss. Bet you miss him dreadfully.
His story is similar to that of Tigger, who had to be put down a couple of months ago. A great big bruiser who arrived on the scene terrorising the other cats. My neighbour and I caught him in a trap, got him neutered, and let him back out again, as he'd obviously made a home in my stable. He stuck around, calmed down, came in the house and took possession! He turned out to be the friendliest cat I've ever had - even seeking out my noisy grandchildren when they came to visit (very un-catlike). Unfortunately, all too soon he was diagnosed with FIV ( a lot of it around here among the feral cats). Kept him going for a while with antibiotics when he got an infection, but it soon all got too much for him. So unfair that he only had a few short years of being cossetted.
So I know exactly how you feel.
PS - there's another pretty little stray having his tea in my porch but it's taking a lot more to get him inside!