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Pugh Road, Aston


paul subhan

Hi everyone iam still searching for a photo of pugh road can anyone help ive tryed every where any tips?


Re: Pugh Road.

I didn't live in Pugh Road, But remember lots of names fron the late 40s early 50s. Taylor, Barker Wigley, Knight , Green, Norbury, Webb, Scott. Bailey, Durkin, Pye. Boyle,Beryl Mcleod who lived at the corner sweet shop, near the school. I used to go to the Methodist Church on Victoria Road.
i remember dinah norbury and mr and mrs gould

The Baron

master brummie
Can any one HELP, WERE WAS Myrtle Grove in Pugh Road? as my late Mom & Dad lived at an address in that Grove around 1927/9.
I never found out the actual house number & there is no one left to ask any more.YOUR HELP PLEASE(or advice on how to find out).


master brummie
Re: Ansells

Colin. :Musicpianozang::222: What was your moms name only my brother and my husband were there for years?. Have you any names from Pugh road might jog my memory. It has got it's own site on friends reunited. TTFN. Jean.
Hi, Jean, does the name Broadbent mean anything to you. A little bit older that you I think.


gone but not forgotten
my daughter s mother in law is irene gooch and irene told me of her
child hood of growing up in pugh rd she told me after i was telling that i was born on the lichfeild rd aston around the corner from the street and the sali army
its a small world i woud say and my familly are related to a couple of taylors on my fathers side best wishes astinian ,;;

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
George the only Broadbent I can recall was Peter who played for the Villa. Will ask my brother when I phone him. Jean.


dorothy jennings was my wifes who lived vicarage road but didnt go to school in aston my sister ann when to manor park for her school she was born in 1950.pete


gone but not forgotten
my auntie ada lived in pugh rd at the terace at the bottom of the road
on the left hand side in the fortys and fifties her name was handley
best wishes astonian ;;

Key Hill Brian

Proud Brummie
Re: Mom & Dad

I know this reply is a bit dated, but just been speaking with my Cousin in Australia - The family emigrated in 1956 from Pugh Road, when she was 18, and they found this thread by googling on their mobile phone, but are not computerised.
My cousin is Brenda Knight, her parents were Wilfred Knight & Phyllis nee Featherstone. They lived at 26 Pugh Rd initially, where Brenda was born, moving to 28 (the former home of the Allen's), where her brothers were born, and well recall Bentley's off Licence, and the Greengrocer's whose rubbish filled the yard, where the toilet was.
She has memories and would be interested in writing to you about these, if you wish.
Let me know and I'll pm you her address. She had her 18th on the ship en route Australia, is now 76, and would still prefer our cold frosty December morning to their 26/8 degress hot & stormy climate!
I will print off this thread and post it to her, as she will recall may of the families mentioned.


The Baron

master brummie
Re: Pugh Road.

Sam Styles also worked at the GEC Witton for a number of year while a City counciler
:rolleyes:My surname was Halls, I had a sister Christine, I lived there from 1948/49 Mrs Barber owned the outdoor facing, and on the other corner was McLouds paper and sweet shop, some of the people I remember from Pugh Rd were Pauline and Malcom Hartley, Alan Heath, Tuppy Hitchens and his brother Ronnie, Alfie Beard, Peter and Pat Boyle, Ronnie Lucas ( his mother had the fruit shop the other side of the terrace to Donnelly`s ) that used to belong to Mr Taylor, Goodwins the bootmenders,
Styles shop (Mr Styles was a labour counciler) Norberry`s coal yard,
I went to Vicarage Rd senior school and left in 1956. I knew Pauline Dalby and her sister Maureen they lived the top half of Sycamore Rd:rolleyes:
Hi, I was born in Pugh Road, in 1952, and lived at No 40 with my gran and Grandad May & Alf Scaysbrook till my parents moved to Handsworth Wood. I remember so much of the road, from my dads mates, Bruce Barber, My Gran was eventually moved out when the street was demolished. I have old photos of the rear of the house but don't think I have anything of the front. The house was just opposite Styles sweet shop, and I remember Bently's outdoor just up the toad, it had Brown grazed bricks. My dad, John Frederick Scaysbrook had a motor Bike kept in a small shed. I'll find my photos and post.

Mark Bridgewater

New Member
Any one remeber a Mrs Sargent? of Pugh Rd she was the lady who ran the GREEN & GOLD CUB's opposite the Aston Salvation Army in Victoria Rd, around1948/9?
She also worked in later years at the GEC Witton, wireing items to be Nickle/ Cad plated.
I remember Mrs Sargent, she was the lady that carried me to my parents house at 2/24 when I had an accident with the rag and bone cart @ 8 years old.