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Pubs Of The Past

it is a travesty what happens to all the artefacts what was in these old pubs..grade listing wasn't around then to save things like leaded Windows , etc ....
Unlike the building itself, very few interiors are protected so the fixtures and fittings are often at risk - and goes to man caves via e-bay!


master brummie
ive seen this listed as the dolphin..grandad drank here being a pool farm road resident..warwick road wasnt the width we think back 1900..the right turn after is not there yet
Hi Villain all my family are from there, i am looking for help of someone who lived there i don't suppose you could help me?

daid rathgen

master brummie
I see where Dale End was once in an older map.
Anybody any idea about "Dale End Old Engine, 1865, published by Thomas Underwood."
Which old engine is that and why is it there?
CheersDale End Old Engine 1865 Publisher Thomas Underwood Castle St High St Birmingham.jpg


proper brummie kid

Again I have no information with this but I have been told it could have been near to Hill Street, perhaps mikejee can be a bit more precise.
i went in to this place in about 1968... the served plonk..... very cheap cider...poison....lol