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Public House, 334 Newtown Row ?????


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Hello folks,
I have found family members living at 334, Newtown Row, at a public house on the 1891 Census...does anyone know the name of this pub please? The family living there was named Barnes....

Many thanks,


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hi margaret thought you may like these pics i have of the stork....second one is the demolision of the pub taken from the shop accross the road...




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Hello Folks!
I lived in The Stork Inn from 1962 till 1967 and it was at number 217 High St Aston. High St ran from Six Ways Aston to Asylum Rd and then it became Newtown Row into town. The geography was blurred when the 1960s developers moved in. The pub at number 334 Newtown Row would have been towards the town end. I have the original photo of the Stork featured by Astoness in the previous reply. Sorry Skylark - wish I could help with the name of your pub. I will wrack my brains and see what pops up!


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Newtown%20Row%20&%20New%20John%20St_Aston_White%20Horse_.jpg Skylark I found this image on another thread here. It was posted by Mossg so I hope he doesn't mind me reposting. Moira


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You are correct in saying that the Stork was 217 High St in the 1960s and for years before that, but in 1891, the period to which Skylark was referring, New Town Row went as far as Inkerman St, and the Stork was listed as 334 Newtown Row.


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1892 Kelly's clearly lists The Stork at 334 New Town Row with William Barnes as licensee. He is still listed in 1895.