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Pte Harry Cooke, No. 36462 Royal Warwickshire Regt. Honourable discharge

Pam Hall

New Member
Would anyone be able to help me in finding out what happened to Harry? He enlisted in the South Lancs Regt on 30/11/1915, but transferred to the Royal Warwickshire and was discharged on 04/04/1919. He received a large scroll stating that he was honourably discharged, having been disabled due to wounds. He did have the silver badge and I have found that record together with his Medal Index card, but not his service record nor his pension record. I don't know his battalion, nor when he was wounded or where. I have looked on the regimental website, with no joy and I would very much like to have that information if anyone can help me know where to look? Many thanks.:star:

John Young

master brummie
Hi Pam & welcome to site,

There is a Website called Service Personnel & Veterans Agency that may have info to help you

and a Veterans-UK Helpline on 0808 1914218 that also may be a good place to ask.

Good Luck John Y