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Pte 8487 James Clewley M.M.


master brummie
Private 8487 James Clewley M.M. Worcestershire Regiment Killed in Action.

James was born in Smethwick 1886 abt. I would be interested to know if he is named on the Smethwick War Memorial.



John Young

master brummie
Hi Peter,

James is mentioned & honoured at Arras Commonwealth War Grave @ Pas de Calais
he died on 25th March 1818, Private in 10 Bn Worcs Reg.

Not sure if you already have this? if so, well he,s good enuff for us to respect him twice,
Good luck with the "Smethwick War Memorial",, John


master brummie
There's a Roll of Honour too.
(Someone sent me a picture of a page of it, showing my Great Uncle's name, unfortunately it only shows the names under "B").


There is also a Memorial inside St. Matthew's Church Windmill Lane.
Inside Smethwick Library there was a Memorial book similar to the ones in the Hall of Memory in Birmingham. They have it on their computer in the Archives, so hopefully they would take a look?? Haven't got the number to hand but it will be on the "Net". Hope this helps.

P.S. I've just had a look at the photo of St. Matthews but can't see a "Clewley", Sorry.
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Hi Peter
James is not mentioned in the Birmingham Roll of Honour. There is a James Clewley mentioned on the War Memorial in St Peters & Pauls church Aston who was born in West Bromwich. This James Clewley served with the Ox & Bucks Light Infantry. Prior to the war worked at The General Electric Company Witton. May be related.