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Private 57334 Clive Williams 1/8 Royal Warwickshire Regiment


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Oh my gosh thank you, thank you MWS and pjmburns for your kindness and this information. I deeply appreciate your assistance and additions. Thank you x


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and if you dont already have this...clives effects left to his mother amphias

it is also 100 years ago today since clive died....R.I.P..we will remember.... so if anyone out there does have a photo of this hero and is able to share it with us we would be so grateful...many thanks



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Thank you for sharing that - not much for a life. I can only imagine that his mother might have kept that money to one side as the last tangible thing she had of him. Thank you and for your kindness x


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just to finish off


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not your server i deleted the third one as it would not open but it was a commemorative certificate..if you like i will try again to upload it?


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trying again..click on it to download and view


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I want to extend a very big and very grateful and very loving thank you to all those wonderful, kind, and helpful people on here, over the years, and more recently, who have shown me such generosity of spirit.

As time passed by I grew ever more concerned about the 100th commemoration of The Great War, because I knew if I had not found a photo or link to Clive by 11/11/2018, I never would. This truly was my last chance.

Many on here have offered direction and information. I have also tried appeals via The Black Country Bugle; Tamworth Herald; another paper that I forget the name of; BBC radio; and through various associations and organisations. Nothing.

I might never know Clive by look or character but until the day I due he will be honoured and remembered.

I want to thank all of you for facilitating that act of memorial.


knowlegable brummie
Merry Christmas to all the wonderful people on here and out there in the real world, all of us searching for something. I hope Father Christmas brings it this year for us all. Nadolig Llawen!


proper brummie kid
Hi Everyone, I'm New to this Thread,

I'd like to Share the Story if Ok of my Great-Grandparents "David Flynn" & Emily Flynn(Nee)Cooke
David was Born in 1875 in Birmingham, to Parents David Flynn Snr & Esther selina Warrod,
He was Baptised at St, Chads Cathedral in Hockley, B,ham, he came from a large family that endured the Great Irish Potato famine, his father, David Flynn Snr came here with his mother & siblings before 1860 & settled in B,ham,

My Great-Grandfather David flynn married my Great-Grandmother Emily Louisa Cook in 1902,
But Emily Cook was first married to David's elder Brother Edward Flynn in 1892 at St, Thomas Parish in Birmingham city centre,
Edward & Emily had two children together Lena(Cissie Flynn) & Edward Jnr Flynn, But On the 1901 Census Emily & Children were living at her parents Charles & Louisa Cooke home, But it stated Emily Flynn as Widowed and living at, 15 hunters Vale, In Aston Mannor,
Edward Flynn Snr died In 1898 aged 27yrs old, thanks to MWS On here who looked it Up for me,

We also believe Emily & David's marriage was Illegal as its was against the law in 1902 to marry your Brother's widow, they married in the Catholic Religion of which my great-grandmother Emily had to change too,

David Flynn Jnr first Joined the Warwickshire Reg & then the Duke of Cornwall's lite infantry in 1892 attested in Bodmin, David was Still living with his brother Daniel Flynn & family in ladywood when he first joined up,
David flynn fought in the Bore War, Cape Colony, Africa & India, of which he gained medals, King & Queens medals with Claps, I just can't imagine the horrors of what he went through & how hard that must of been for all of those back then, Especially all those years in service,
David Joined up aged 16yrs of age, but told them he was 18yrs old, which many did back then,

David & Emily Flynn, lived on whitmore St, in hockley, where they had 5 children including my Grandfather David Flynn( three Generations of David Flynn's)

Amy Flynn
Mable Flynn
Ivy Flynn
David Flynn(Grandad)
Joseph Flynn,

David retired from Army service in 1903,
But Joined up again aged 42yrs old on Special Orders as a reserve in 1914 with the 1st Battalion Royal Monster Fusiliers,
and Ended up in Italy, But sadly on the 11th of February 1918 he died of Pneumonia,

My poor Great-Grandmother Emily left widowed again with 5 young children & Receiving that dreaded Document from the War office telling her that husband David had died, She & Children were living On Aston St, in Hockley in 1918
We still have the War document that was sent to my great-grandmother from the war office over 101yrs ago, Which ill add on here,
David Flynn was Buried in Italy where he still lies in a commonwealth war grave, ill add some documents,
I've tried to add his Assension service paper from 1892 with the duke of Cornwall's lite infantry but keeps saying the file is too large, which is a shame

I feel incredibly proud of my great-grandparents, especially David Flynn for all that he endured & did for this country

Least We Forget


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There's a likely death for Edward Flynn registered Bham Mar qtr 1898. Age listed as 27.


proper brummie kid
There's a likely death for Edward Flynn registered Bham Mar qtr 1898. Age listed as 27.
Thanks you, MWS, I've been trying to find a death Rec for Edward, I'm not sure how he actually died, some of the family say the bore war, but not sure, I know he was living with his In laws, Charles & Louisa Cook at 15, hunters vale Aston & Registered as a Packer, we know he died before 1900, because Emily Flynn was widowed on the 1901 Census living with her parents & children,

ill take a look now,

thank you for looking & adding this Info, really appreciate it
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HELLO! *waves* Hi everyone, how are you all? A further two years pass and I'm back with a little update and probably confusing myself again! However, first of all, I truly hope that everyone is keeping themselves safe in these strange days.

An update:
Brother, Arthur Swain Williams (1891-1954), Private, 57980, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, awarded Victory and British medals. In later life he lived 12 Kings Road, Paignton, Devonshire, died 1 April 1954 at Paignton and District Hospital, leaving to Ada Williams, widow, and his daughter, Mrs Dorothy Irene Dale, effects of £365 11s. 7d.

Confirmation that Clive had a niece.

Sister, Henrietta Amplias Swain Williams (1882-1974) who married William Fenn, Mining Engineer, in 1911. Living in Flat 1, Arden Court, Beardsmore Road, Sutton Coldfield. Mr Fenn died 5th December 1973. Henrietta died 26th January 1974, bequeathing £500.00 to Lillian May Clarke, 5 Tamworth Road, Polesworth and £21,097.00 to her niece, Mrs Dorothy Irene Fogwell, 2 Norman Road, Paignton, Devon TQ3 2BE. Henrietta signed her will in 1973 with “x”

I am interested in her signing with an "x", which either indicates an inability of not being able to write, or a condition that restricted her in later life from signing. I am also interested in how her death was so near to that of her husband. Who is Lillian Clarke?

Niece, Dorothy Irene Fogwell, previously 119 Haytor Avenue, Paignton, TQ4 7TB, more recently of Kingsmount Residential Home, 28-30 Kingshurst Drive, Paignton, Devon, TQ3 2LT, died, aged 93, 14th February 2015. Dorothy left her estate to a number of people, but she had no children:

John Richard Fogwill & Andrew Nicholas Fogwill
6 Garfield Road
Paignton, TQ4 6AU

Catherine Ann Causey & Stephen Andrew Bulman
Church House
Queen Street
Newton Abbott, TQ12 2QP

Sandy & Bob Grimwood
117 Haytor Avenue
Paignton, TQ4 7TB

Pamela Ann Shields Selfe & Conrad Selfe
5 Brockhurst Park
Marldon, TQ3 1LB

Michael Doherty
20 Elm Park
Paignton, TQ3 3QH

Ian Fraser
6915 Goodemote
Michigan 48815

Christine & Mike Tunbridge
Marime, 47 Ryhill Way
Lower Early
Reading, RG6 4AZ

In the 1911 Census, the 16-year-old Clive was a colliery labourer for the Kingsbury Colliery Company. With the school leaving age being 14, Clive could have been working at the mine for over two years. However, he is commemorated on the Pooley Hall memorial, indicating he was working there before joining up. I contacted the organisation that holds NCB (and predecessors) records. There is nothing from the time of Clive. I am informed that, given his job and service number, it suggests that Clive joined the war very late, perhaps as late as August 1918. I'd still like to elicit where he signed-up and which Division of 1/8th he joined?

I understand that Clive was a keen batsman and bowler for Tamworth Cricket Club Reserve Team. He is mentioned in a Tamworth Herald article reporting the Club’s AGM at The Railway Inn, March 1915. I will join the UK Newspaper History website to research further and to obtain ALL of the memorial notices.

I discovered that Clive's injuries were a result of 'friendly fire' as he was shot in the jaw. I made contact with an American university that might hold records on every soldier who passed through Rouen General Hospital #12, when it became an American Base Hospital in 1917 until closure in 1919.

Still no photograph, still no indication of the mysterious person that has possession of Clive's medals and Death Plaque.

I sincerely hope you are all safe, please look after yourselves and if I hear nothing before, Merry Christmas!

x Clive