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Yes Lyn , just a coincedence although Harry in Wigmore Close was never Harold he was registered Harry, married Violet Newman in 1914.


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oh dont we know that alberta lol...but what i am confused about is debs says she has violet and harold on the 39 register in cookoo road...they cant be on 2 registers so is the one i found the wrong family?

Cuckoo road sounds right as other family members lived at 13 cuckoo road


master brummie
I'm a bit puzzled by this. Apologies if I mistyped the house number on my original post. I have the Whitehouses at 13 Cuckoo Road in 1939 (not 33). Reference RG101/5548J/004/40 Letter Code: QBBX. Harold is a locomotive fireman and Violet Unpaid Domestic Duties. She took 2 years off her age! It was given in the register as 1 July 1900, but in fact she was born on that date in 1898! . Harold's address when he died in 1956, as given in the National Probate Calendar is Cuckoo Road, so I presume they lived there all their married lives.
I cant find Wigmore Close in 1939.
I think the other issue were census'S were done on doorsteps, you had a lot of noise and accents and were hand done so many errors. Also people lied to avoid serving in the war or vice versa etc