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Police Horses


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That’s wonderful if it is your father ! It’s a pity we can’t be 100% sure. Maybe one day someone will be able to confirm it for you. Viv.


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I am afraid that my brother, Ian who is 7 years younger than I [Austin Healy] is not correct as in 1941 Dad was in Canada with the RAF and did not become a Mounted Policeman until later 1946. I have attached a photo of Reg Searle take outside the Old Duke Street Police station sitting on Nigger his brown horse [not politically correct in those days].
Dads' # was D273; Dad was no Roy Rogers so his horse of many years was Alfie, not Trigger. For many years and up until his retirement in 1967 was stationed at Kingstanding Police Station. a 15-minute on Court Lane, Erdington. bike ride from where my parents lived from 1939 until Mums' passing in 2016.


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The mounted Police HQ was at Duke st,and there were further stables at Kings Heath.Bordesley Green.Ladywood.Thornhill Rd. Tally Ho.West Bromwich.when l was on the mounted in the 70s.
I worked and lived in single men’s at Bordesley Green 1959. The stables were at the back of the courtyard. a life long friend Mansel Chappel, a Sgt at the time, ended up in charge of the Mounted at Duke Street. I also worked at Coventry Rd and Sheldon. Left in 1964 for Toronto.


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3 Negatives found in Envelope - Listed as "Mounted Police in Park".
These are most likely Birmingham as everything else in similar Envelopes is Birmingham based.
Hopefully someone can identify the location and give a possible date.

Mounted Police in Park (1).jpgMounted Police in Park (2).jpgMounted Police in Park (3).jpg