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Poem J.F.K.


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
:D This poem was composed many years ago on my morning walk to work, just after J.F.K was shot 22 Nov 1963. This is it's first public outing.

John F Kennedy

Kennedy was a great, great guy, he wanted peace for you and I.
He wanted peace through out the world, was this wish too great
to be forfilled?
I belive, he loved his wife, he's children too, and that he even had
feelings for me and you.
He helped to stop some nuclear tests, and now's with God up there
to rest.
His days were ended by one sad man who did'nt agree with the
Kennedy plan.
I've said it before, and I will say it again, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was one of
our great, great men.

(Like a lot of girls at that time, I saw J.F.K as my hero.)

Robert Harrison

I felt as you did Pom, in fact I was listening to the TV before we came to Australia, and the news brought tears to my eyes. America lost a great leader.



Pom, I've just read this poem - I remember I was walking across the street to my house with my beloved "trannie" in my ear (I called my trannie "Henry").  I felt that the world was coming to an end!  Of course in later years I learned that he wasn't the hero we all thought he was - not quite.  Maybe it was then that the western world lost its innocence.
(PS for those who don't know "trannie" was my transistor radio - very cherished and expensive in Tasmania then.  We didn't have TV here until 1960 and my dad and most of our neighbours couldn't afford one for a few years after that!) Hugs!