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Picture Restoration


proper brummie kid
could anybody possibly restore this photo to its former glory??could anybody possibly restore this photo to its former glory??


  • mom dad.jpg
    mom dad.jpg
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master brummie
Not a lot to work with so not a good outcome I'm afraid, J.


  • Mom and Dad_Aggyann10 230717.jpg
    Mom and Dad_Aggyann10 230717.jpg
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Ex-pat Brummie
Given the quality, or should I say lack of quality, of the original, that's very good, Jonob. I took one look at it, and between dealing with a Greek plumber fixing a solar panel problem at that time, decided I would leave it for now. To be honest I couldn't have done any better. The object is also to restore and not invent missing bits. The detail simply wasn't there.



proper brummie kid
Thank you for trying to correct this photo, although i realise it is not a very good one, i think it is a remarkable difference. The couple walking down the street are my mother and father. I wanted to try and get it tidied up and then printed on canvas if it is possible. We will see how it goes. Thank you once again ..Eileen


master brummie
I had a go at it but unfortunately it is not possible to put in detail when it is not there on the original. I have cropped it to remove some of the right side of the original. Also, because of the lack of detail it would not print well.
mom dad_a.jpg