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Photos that have been composed out of curiosity or amusement.


master brummie
I think sometimes there is a wealth of pictures of certain era's which when composed with other similar pictures could recreate or show a possible scene that could have taken place but for which there is no photo.

I was thinking of this, but consideration must be given to copyright issues, but if you ask some folk on here to whom the picture belongs if you could post such a picture with reference to them and what you have done it could create an idea of what may have been, until such a genuine picture is unearthed.

Just wondering if this could be a good idea or........would it create a source of pictures which may be claimed to be real when they are not.......


I am missing something here KK as I am not sure what you are meaning? It is probably me being dense as usual. What about an example?


master brummie
It's me don't worry.....
Someone may have a picture of a park scene in Birmingham from say the 1950's, and other folk have pictures of themselves from the same era in their back garden. They may have been taken or visited that park at that time but have no pictures of the occasion. It may be possible to impose the picture of the people in the garden onto the park scene......

or impose yourself waiting for a 1960's bus at an old style bus stop
impose vehicle outside your house, etc....