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john knight

Don't know if any of you know, but you can get lots of old photographs off ebay, just type in what you are looking for.


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the farm st one is one of mine john and is on the forum...its got the tell tale flash back middle left of the pic where i took a pic of a pic at the library:rolleyes:

how strange elmdon boy i was using windolean today to clean the windows before i put the christmas tree up...agree its not easy to find but my local hardware sells it..

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Don't know if these have been on before.View attachment 129496
The photo from post #1, Farm Street, shows Gt Russell Street on the right. The shop seen here was run by Mrs Jagger, she sold kali and a drink whose name I have forgotten.
Inside the shop was like a front room with a fire place behind the counter. The shop was as popular as the toffee apples from Mrs Toon in Geach Street