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Photo 'Tidy up'


knowlegable brummie
An impossible task for one of them, but if anybody cares to have a bash at 'Tidying' these up I would be forever grateful!!


  • Pic (1897).jpg
    Pic (1897).jpg
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  • Pic (2313).jpg
    Pic (2313).jpg
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master brummie
Not perfect, but will probably stand scrutiny at original print size,
Pic (1897).jpg I do not intend to attempt :eek:Pic (2313)a.jpgPic (2313)a.jpg
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Staff member
great improvement so far curly look forward to the finished product when time permits and what seriously cute children in the photo



master brummie
I have done all that I intend on this photo now, due to my carpal tunnel syndrome.

I edited in my previous post, to replace the earlier partly done changes. Hope it's OK!


Engineer Brummie
Had a go at the first pic without much luck. Separated the girl from the photo but I can't find any detail around the eyes so this is the best I can do.
Pic (1897)a.jpg