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Photo insertions

Bob Davis

Bob Davis
I have four postcards to put on the FORUM, but my history in this department is pretty rubbish, so tomorrow I will scan them at work and put them on as posts. I can scan as ODD or JPEG, please can someone advise me how to get them so that they look proper and not like thumbnails, or can I message them to a more computer literate member?


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If you click on "reply" , then on "attach files" in the bottom of the entry that comes up, then this brings you to the files on your computer. If you thern click on the photo file it will download the fiel to the site and you can choose to have it as a thumbnail or a full photo and then post on thread


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Hi Bob, the best format for uploads to the forum is jpeg or jpg and the official instructions for photo uploads are here
Practice with any pic in this thread you have started and when you are happy with the procedure post your pic in the relevant thread.


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I now find the method for posting photos on this site VERY easy (compared to how it was a couple of years ago)

The only thing you need to remember is to select if you want a thumbnail or the full image displayed in your update.

A couple of times I have had an error message that the file was too large to display (not large as in inches but large is in megabytes) but after opening and saving the file in a lower quality it reduces the file size considerably and can then be displayed.


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Eric (cookie273uk) posted a simple method for reducing image file sizes here
I find the following way the easiest to 'down size' pics/files for uploading
(1) right click on selected pic
(2)click 'open with'
(3) click 'paint'
(4) press Control and letter W together, in the resulting box reduce from 100% to (say) 50%, click OK click 'x' in top right hand corner.
(5) Save the reduced pic with a different file name
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Taken some great photos but only have a I Pad so can't show mores the pity.
I use the method below to upload from my iPad or iPhone.

Uploading pics from an iPad ... practice with a test image in this thread and see if this works for you ... :)

1. Go to the thread/topic where you want to add your message with it's image

2. Write your reply in the reply box

3. Touch 'Attach files' button - a dialogue box will appear.

4. Touch 'Browse' and search for the photo you want from your files or photo gallery.

5. Touch the photo thumbnail pic in your gallery etc.

6. The photo will upload to the forum and show as small thumbnail with the words 'Insert' 'Thumbnail' 'Full image' to the right of it.

7. Tap where you want the image to appear in your post. Usually immediately under your message.

8. Touch 'Full image' button and a full size image will appear in your message.

9. Touch 'Post Reply'' and your post will appear with the image on the forum.
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