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Petrol pumps & filling stations of the past


Brummie dude
This was an incredibly successful advertising campaign. So much so it became a well known and used phrase. I remember the tiger in your tank tail you could get. Mods attached them to the aerials of their scooters. Think there was other tut you could get too. We never had a car, my dad loved motor bikes. So we didn’t get any of the TIYT stuff. In fact I don’t ever remember him going to fill up at a petrol station. Suppose he must have done from time to time. Viv.

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i had a tail on my car aerial for ages:grinning::grinning:if the made a advert like that now. people would complain saying its animal cruety

Eric Gibson

master brummie
I remember the tails, we couldn't get enough of them at Brooklyn Garage, at a shilling each for a bit of rag I thought the buyers must have been mad. :)


master brummie
Yes I’m sure you’re right, like you I also had one. Went out on a breakdown to Bridgwater mid sixties to one of our coaches broken down on service station forecourt, my mate travelled all the way back to Stockland Green with the plastic tigers head that fitted on top of the petrol pumps globe on his head, happy days.


Some more ‘squeezed in’ pumps on the Soho Road in 1953. These are next to the Red Lion pub. You can just make out the ‘Garage’ sign and pumps next to the pub. Viv.

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A very interesting view, but I am surprised by the 1953 date. There is not one post war vehicle to be seen in the picture, and a complete absence of buses. My immediate thought was either 1939, or just postwar, and I wondered if the image had been in the Frith, (or whoever) stocks for the duration.

Bob Davis

Bob Davis
Another Esso mobile advertisement on the Tile Cross Bus. John.
Supplied to Birmingham City Transport 1964 a Daimler CRG6 with Park Royal Body, 403KOV. Quite an impressive Vinyl, nowadays it would have covered the windows as well.