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Peter Walker Archives


The buck stops here
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To say you knew Peter Walker, is akin to saying you knew the King of Brum, his knowledge was unbelievable and he had true passion for the City and its inhabitants. He would willingly share this knowledge with anyone who was interested, and he did it in such a way that he could hold you spellbound and hanging on every word.
On top of all that he was a true Gentleman and I still expect him to turn up at one our meet ups complete with his "carrier bag of goodies ".
His contributions and never ending enthusiasm to the Forum will last for ever and he is greatly missed by everyone who knew him and we shall never find another treasure like him.
" Peter, we all miss you and thank you for all you taught us, may you rest in peace on your throne, R. I. P. "

During the coming months I shall be continuing with the update of the above mentioned section, I will endeavour to preserve all of Peters known work.
As you can imagine with such a prolific poster it is going to be a massive task however I will give it my best shot.
It also means that I shall not be spending as much time on the forum as normal.( who shouted Hooray ).
I will be updating in the name of Peter Walker, so please don't panic, nothing spooky is going on.
I know that at times it will be a pain as I am not the quickest of people when it comes to typing, although, I can now use both thumbs.
Normally I would not take on a challenge like this, but Peter meant so much to me as a person and was a massive part of the forum, so I will do it as a tribute to the man and hope that future generations will view and benefit from the great man's knowledge.
Wish me luck, because I'll need it.
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Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
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Hi Jim:

That's a marvellous gesture and there is no big rush for this to be completed. Thanks for everything especially with regard to this task.


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
Great idea and one that is well worth spending as much time as is needed to do Jim... we will miss you for a while.


Brilliant idea Jim, Peters work was so important to the forum and a lasting memorial from him to us all.


master brummie
There couldn't be a more fitting memorial to Peter. He wrote with authority on many topics, it will bring his posts to the forefront and we can all enjoy reading them once again. Thanks Jim.