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Percy Lane Planet Works

aston lad

master brummie
I don't think its Tyburn Road Works, having worked there myself I cannot see any real resemblance in the two ....but it may have changed by the time I started there ....I have checked out the Kellys for Percy Lane on the Tyburn Road for the years 1913 and 1940, cannot find any mention of them, I know they are in Tamworth, I am not to sure if at one stage they were located in Coventry, we did have all of our glass from them at one time, but now nothing at all.....


master brummie
As far as my post and that of Frothblower is concerned neither of us are suggesting this pic is Tyburn Works (BCT).
However, it clearly is Planet Works of Percy Lane. No date is given.
Follow the company timeline, you will see they moved in the 1960's.
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master brummie
Most of the posts since 302 have little connection to the BCT works and may I suggest they (or some, at Mods discretion) be moved to the Tyburn Road FACTORIES thread. Edit.This new thread created as requested.
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