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Peg Monkey Cartoons


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The following cartoons by Peg Monkey were inspired by the Lodge Road Hockley (the Flat) thread here https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/lodge-rd-hockley-the-flat.30910/page-7

1955 Election Day Campaigning inspired by post #135
Catatonic and Continental (HVSmith) inspired by post #139
Exam results - Virtual Reality inspired by post #146
Fruit and Veg inspired by post #154
Cake inspired by post #158
Ultimate Go-Cart Experience inspired by post #161
The Flat Plan update inspired by post #180
The Co-op inspired by post #181
Du Barry's inspired busy post #221
Du Barry's inspired by post #226
Re-threading - ouch!
The Flat Plan Finish inspired by post #236
Flat Plan Zimmer Finish inspired



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The Farm Street thread here https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/farm-street.17625/page-5
inspired Peg Monkey to create this Pharmacy cartoon.

And post #37 on the Farm Street Infant and Junior thread inspired the 1956 School Presentation cartoon https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/farm-street-infants-and-juniors.11173/page-2

The Lewis's children's car track cartoon was inspired by this thread here https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/lewiss.1260/page-33#post-615923

The inspiration for the other 14 cartoons below by Peg Monkey came from this thread https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/for...-the-brummie-accent.33677/page-11#post-599606


Peg Monkey

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