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Peaky Blinders - A world away from Downton!


master brummie
My father (b 1905) told me about the peaky blinders. They always interested me. But I have not watched any of the TV series. I am afraid that I would end up throwing things at the TV. I wonder if I should watch at least the first series. Do they get the accent right? Do they, say, show someone coming out of a pub in Small Heath, he just crosses the road and goes into Snow Hill station? The equivalent did happen in some American films that were supposedly in London. Any advice you have for me would be welcome.

Have you ever heard of the other peaky blinders? Eric Partridge in his masterly Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English (1937) says it also became a nickname for railway men from Birmingham because of their peaked caps.


Master Barmmie
Yes, so does it follow that Alfie Solomons is not actually dead? Looking again at the deserted beach at Margate you can see that the dog resuscitates Alfie, and by licking the wound he keeps him going until help arrives.
Told yer Alfie wornt dead!