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God has taken me
To a place I have longed forever.
Where lily pads drift slowly
Atop the cool green water.
The never-ending stream
Trickles over the moss covered stones,
Leading nowhere and back again
Without a single sound.

Far off in the distance,
I see children gaily playing.
Their tiny bare feet dance in step
Amid the soft green clover.
Small faces glow with pleasure
As they skip among the daisies.
Emerald eyes are expressively alive
Crinkling merrily as they play.

I sense this place around me
To see if it is real,
Or just a place I have longed for
While lost amidst my dreams.
But yet, I know I am different.
No more tears are left to fall.
No cries of anguish escape my lips,
No more anger is in my soul.

Just the feeling of salvation
Washes over me in waves.
Like sea foam pushed upon the sand,
By Mother Natures mighty hand.
I feel a warmth surround me
And I know from where it comes.
God has sent his angels
To wrap me tightly in their arms.


master brummie
Cearle, This poem is so mature, it has my two thumbs up for certain. Keep it up. I think the bast is yet to come.

Robert Harrison

Cearle, did you feel me standing next to you?