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Paul Foster


knowlegable brummie

Im trying to find some photos from lucas's between 1966-184 when my farther Paul Foster worked there or any information from people who remeber him. He had red hair and might of been going bold at this point. Also i know of a story which my mother speaks about which i know would upset my father if i spoke to him about it. This is why im asking here if anyone has further information on it. Paul had swopped his shift with a co-worked, from what i know his name was also paul(lets call him Mr P to stop confusion). Anyhow my father did the shift before Mr P and from i know the matchine he was working and would not start. So after many attemps by himself and other staff it was the end of my dads shift and passed it onto Mr P to try and get it started. From what i know Mr P tried to start the machine but due to the gas being pushed into the machine the machine exploded and Mr P died due to it. I know it really upset my father and this is why i wish not to speak to him about it.

I know this is not a nice story and i do apologise if there are family of Mr P who read this forum and come across this story im just trying to find more information about it as i would rather not ask my dad.

Also im going to post this question in the great kings street forum. But my great Auncle was working AT Lucas's too called Author Stokes. From what my mother said he was a director , which i cant prove it (google is not my friend)

Any stories/information/photos would be brilliant:D

Thank you

Ami Foster