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Past And Present Birmingham The Changing Face Of The City And Its People


gone but not forgotten
Hi guys
I went to my little book shop in bromsgrove today which is a gem of a shop
And today i found a book ,called past and present Birmingham
It was on sale originaly at WHSmith At A price of 14 pounds and 99 pence
But i bought it from this shop for a little vale of 1.99 pence mint condition
With a glossy cover and written by Patrick Baird And Peter Drake
Chock a block with before and after of the street in glossy pictures and with stories from Handsworth and pictures and across the city
You name it its got it in there
I certainly recomend it this shop i have been snooping in for a couple of years now and i know its getting known for its books of any titles or subject you want
Six months ago i spotted a book a part of volumes i have but lord and behold
Another customer came in and beat me to it i thought eye eye
Is he one of our crew from the forum whom purchased it it was called the streets of birmingham he walked out with
Ah well ,yes its a good book worth searching for best wishes Alan,,, Astonian,,