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Passages, Alleyways Gulletts and Snickets of Old Brum


brummie dude
Glad i am not into hot dogs or beefburgers
you never know what goes on behind the scenes do you. i never give them a thought. i have eat them when i was in brum of a night. But when i called to see my friend to get some castings and saw that yard.i was sickend. no wonder the council shifted them carts of night and the blokes did a runner when they seen them

Eric Gibson

master brummie


brummie dude
Hi Eric, thank you for allowing me to see the family tree, i have gone through the names, they are not what i have on my family tree, so must be another branch of Gibson's - regards Elaine.
[/QUOTE .......................... this is a Passages, Alleyways thread
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It's named as Cole Holloway, off Cromwell Lane. Now just a paved pathway through to Woodcock Lane.
When I lived in that area (1950s) we always called this the Roman Gully. It was steep and narrow and it was paved and I think there was a handrail. It ran down from Woodcock Lane to Cromwell Lane. A distance of about 200 yds.