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Park Road Hockley


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park road 2.jpg park road.jpg hi all. thought i would share these pics of park road with you. maybe someone out there lived here. if so i hope they bring back some memories for you

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gone but not forgotten
Hi Wales
Many Thanks For Posting Your Lvely Pics I Have Good Memories Of The Rd And The Inhabitants But I Think We Would Appreciat It More If We Could Enlarge ThemTo See Excactly What You Have Put Up
Have A Nice Day Wales Best Wishes ASTONIAN ,;;;


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hi astonian. glad you like them. i dont think i can post them any larger. the only way for you to see them bigger i think is to save them to your computer then you can zoom in. as they came to me on one sheet thumnail size. unless anyone can advise. heres a few more.



Great photo's yet again Lyn you are a treasure! Astonian click on the photo's then click on open original then click on the image and you will see them much larger. Cheers Wendy


60's Townie

Did anyone remember my cousin Daryle Peakes who lived in the council 2 story Flats? His mom was Italian Maria and his dad Stan drove a black old Rover in the mid to late 50's. Stan worked in the catering trade at the big horse racing events. Their flat was at the end of Park Road opposite a bib big Advertising Billboard.



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Park Road  No 236 Hockley - 11-4-1957.jpg hi all...i was sent these 3 pics of park road last week..pretty sure i havnt posted them before...apologies if i have.....

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Gone but not forgotten R.I.P.
Picture No 3 was taken just about where I use to live, looking down Park Rd towards the flat. The laundry was on the corner of Whitmore St. I'm still trying to place the other 2 pics. just cant think at the moment. Perhaps Maggie can help.



The Fairybrain of Brum
Yes it is Terry but right from the top before you came to Goode Street as was..Goode Street would have been on your right just out of the pic
P.s We lived right down the bottom end..
Terry was it in the paper when you got run over by Whitmore street..might be worth checking
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The Fairybrain of Brum
Would be worth having a look in the Evening mail archives Terry cos that would have been news when it happened..
nice to see the pics though aint it

alan poole

anyone remember garretts garage in park road i worked there 1962


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hi alan..have you seen the pics of garrets garage that i have posted....



gone but not forgotten
good morning wendy and of course lynn
thank you wendy for telling me how to get the connection, and lynn you are a naughty girl for putting those pictures in front of me .you have tramaised my mind this morning lynn because i can relate with all those pics,and a couple of old friends houses [ ladies i used to go out with ] and indeed the pubs me and my brother used to used i have not seen my brother in donkeys years we both drank in them i wish i could put the clock back i often wonder how alot of these ladies got on at the time
we were all single guys then wondering whether they got big familys of there own now are they divorced i don,t supose there ain,t any single ones left after all they was all good looking women , thanks lynn for the brilliant memorys
have a nice day best wishes astonian ;;


gone but not forgotten
hi guys
getting back to park rd many years ago the 3 house where the white transit
out side was a very good old girl freind usd to live with her father and two
other sisters and a brother [ the white house ] they really did know how to
party [ maggie, janet , patty .pat went to live in baccus rd ] i beleive janet
went to live some where around the saltley gate and i do not know where
maggie went to live, after there dad died in that house but they orinated
from upper sutton street aston in the 60 ,s
thanks again lynn for those unforgettable moments astonian ;;;;;


master brummie
Hi all

Brilliant pics. My dad grew up in Park Road I can't wait to show him the pics.

His name is Michael Sydenham, he lived there from when he was born in 1943 until around 1964 and lived at number 463 with his mum and dad Garnet (Gary / Gal) and his mum Rita and his sister Linda. As a child his grandparents, George and Sarah Farley lived there too until their deaths.

His dad worked at Griffiths, Gilbert Lloyd and Co shown in the pics you put up and they had a car which my dad had an accident in a had to get repaired at Garretts Garage - also shown in the pics.

His aunt and uncle lived down the road at number 449. They were Phyllis and George Brunner and 'Uncle George' was an insurance salesman.

I can remember visiting my grandparents and great aunt and uncle in Park Road as a child, before the houses were compulsury purchased and demolished.

Thanks again for these great pics, I have some I'm sure amongst the huge amount I've been given by my dad - I'll look them out and post them for you.




I lived in Wharf Street, off Park Road circa 1954/5. Always had aggro with a transport company up there.

Also with mates I used a small pub of which my mates girlfriend lived in a back house rear of pub. Location of pub is by the corner, a barbers was just around the corner (I think)

Any photos of Wharf Street - name of pub - photo of pub -- please