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Paintings. A small collection ( Brum characters from the past).


master brummie
Roy, very impressive paintings, I enjoyed looking at them, why not put a few on our Original Art Work thread. I started in Oils many years ago but tried water colour and that has been my medium ever since. Some of your work reminds me of Lowry, an artist I greatly admire for his portrayal of the Northern scene. Eric

Roy Blakey

master brummie
We are nearing the anniversary of the beginning of WW1 and for members and visitors under the ' Forum ' ( Original Art Work ) and the ' Thread ' (( A small collection ( Brum characters from the past)) can now be seen an extra ' Painting and Story' referring to an unusual event that occurred during WW1 ( Xmas 1914).

Roy Blakey

master brummie
Carrying out a search on the Internet I have come across a Birmingham City Council site " Children of the poor in Sutton Park". It describes the events of the slum- dwelling and under privaleged children of Birmingham who were taken on day trips to Sutton Park by the " Birmingham Cinderella Club ", this was around 1898.
I was interested to read in one part that batches of 50 children at a time were treated to a day out in Sutton Park and that one summer 600 children had been taken to the park ' to be introduced to the inestimable joys of the country'
It mentions that the helpers were asked by the kids such questions as " Are there any wolves or snakes in the woods",
" Will they bite us ", Do Bob-owlers sting ". Such was the kids disconnection with the countryside.
Further observations can be seen on this thread ( Post #1 ) And the link provided.