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Pageant July 1938



Big Gee I have scanned the photo's from the booklet I have it lists all players at the back but I couldn't find Lilian Sims. It may only list the main players I am not sure. Take a look anyway:)

The last picture is representing the industrial revolution.
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paul stacey

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I had't seen this particular one Ragga, but in colour stunning!!, I looked hard for mom and dad but did't see em.


Thanks Ragga I have not seen this kept my eyes peeled for any family especially my grandmother. I am sure she was in the midst of it all....


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Many thanks Raga. I was stunned to see my sister Rene. I have a programme somewhere for the pageant and I have a picture of Rene as Queen Victoria but had never associated the two. Rene would have been eleven or twelve at the time. I am going to see her in a couple of weeks for her grandaughter's wedding. They will both be thrilled to see it.
renepageant.jpg renepageant2.jpg


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Egbert and little Sidney - the Dinosaurs from the 1938 Pageant

Egbert being built
Egbert being built.jpg

Egbert breathing smoke
Egbert breathing.jpg

Egbert on the move
Egbert on the move.jpg

Egbert leaving Cambridge St

Little Sidney
little Sidney.jpg

sorry -none of ogbert
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The Dinosaurs from the 1938 Pageant

Just found this thread... I have a few photos of the Pageant.
Is Ogbert one of these dinosaurs?

Birmingham Pageant 1938 01.jpg
Let me know if you want me to post some more photos.
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Re: Replacing Pictures of Egbert and little Sidney - the Dinosaurs from the 1938 Page

One of the floats from the parade...
On the side it say's: something - something - "Brass Copper Association"... I would love to know what the whole inscription actually is.... Can anyone help with this please?
The 3 people in the foreground are relations of mine and appear in nearly all of my photos.
Birmingham Pageant 1938 07.jpg

Here's another photo of the same float in colour!.... This is a 'still' from the Pageant film.
Birmingham Pageant 1938 08.jpg

David Weaver

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Sorry Jaffa, can't help I'm afraid. I was there though looking a right twit dressed as a Pea-Pod. My family still take the micky out of me. Regards, David.
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Ha!... That's a shame David, although I'm sure you made a rather splendid pea-pod!

Here's an "off-stage" photo of my mother who was one of the Stone age/Iron age mob.

Birmingham Pageant 1938 10.jpg


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There is a thread called "Pageant in the Park, July 24th 1938" where other pictures of Egbert are shown in #24. Dave

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These two images seem to be of the same event. The temporary column of St George has been discussed elsewhere on the forum. Viv.


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