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Our New Addition

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Jules she is absolutely gorgeous.:):) I wonder if Norma has seen her yet and Maggs. They love their cats. Jean.


master brummie
We lost our first cat Tammie in September last year. She was 15 years old. It has taken me til now to have another one. She is certainly full of fun and mischief and bringing lots of happiness to our home.


Born a Brummie
Oh she is such a cutie, I know she will bring you so much happiness and joy. She wont replace your lost Tammie but she will take a piece of your heart as her own. :)


true brummie
i love her jules. she is really beautiful and kittens are great fun. im sure she will give you all the love tammie gave you for all those years.



Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
She made my knees wobble,:beam: Bev said she's got a Dog & smiled


master brummie
Thanks for all your kind words. I have been really worried about her as we picked her ]up on Monday evening and she didn't eat a thing til last night. It appears that she was used to only eating human food. When I say she hadn't eaten anything, she had eaten some bread and butter that one of the children had dropped and a little bit of donut again which had been dropped on the floor. But she is tucking into her kitten food a treat now. Just now need to get her litter trained.

Norma S

master brummie

Minnie is indeed beautiful. We never get over the loss of our beloved pets and, as Minnie has her own personality, she will win you over on her own merits. I am sure she will provide you with many years of love and companionship. I can already see she is settling in well and is probably being showered with love and attention.

The best of luck to you all with your new addition.



master brummie
Minnie is beautiful, Jules. I love the piccy of her with her scratch board, it reminded me of my long departed cat Mang, a Siamese. She had great fun tearing my stair carpet to shreds, she would sniff and turn her back on a scratch post I bought her. No matter I loved her to bits, and can think of her now with a smile, and your Minnie will help you do that. :)