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Original Mods From The Middle 60s


master brummie
Hi all, trying to track down original mods from the middle 60s who lived in the kings Heath, Stirchley area who used to go to the Ritz Kings Heath and the Heartbeat town.

boro keith

master brummie
Hi Steve, only went to the Riitz a few times due to work commitments but did work there more times as a roadie do you remember a boutique in Kings Heath opposite the Co-OP Keith


master brummie
Spent many a happy Saturday night at the Ritz in the early 60s'. Danny King and the Royals, the Modernairs, great times.


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Ritz boys 1963.jpgS Boys.jpgthe-ritz-and-the-beatles-in-1963-right-the-venue-is-now-a-cash-converters-563995010.jpg
Steve check out the RITZ thread, spent many happy times there from 63 to 65

Bobby Summers