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Robert Harrison

Do you see the sadness in her eyes,
hear her sobbing, as she say's her goodbyes.
That's Oojarroo.

Do you see the red marks around her mouth,
see her move forward as the train takes her child south.
That's Oojarroo.

The police gave her those red marks
as she tried to save her piccaninny from the coppers narks.
That's Oojarroo.

She's an Aborigine of the Noonuccle tribe,
watching her child taken from Stradbroke on a long train ride.
That's Oojarroo.

There will be weeping and wailing all night long
And she will lead all of the Aborigine women in mournful song.
That's Ojarroo.

She will have more marks upon her head
As all of the women beat themselves till the blood runs red.
That's Oojarroo.

For they are all of one blood, all of one race,
and the whites will not assimilate to wipe out all trace
Of Oojarroo.

©    Robert Harrison 2006


master brummie
Sad but a striking piece,

Robert you can edit out the squiglies by erasing them and re-typing them in the modify box. Then hit the save button. It's a pain but it works.