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One year today, You went away

John Young

master brummie
A year ago our old dog Lizzie died, so this was for Her,,

Showing you care for a pets despair
no refrain or disdain to curbing her pain
Forgtten the ills of regretted spills
clean girl of youth, felt of the truth
of the scold, former bright bold
so loved and forgiven for just getting old,
Running now in grass freshly mown
full of warm loved care she would not disown
Go loving companion, go play your game
your people who loved you, cried with no shame.



John......... Thats profound, it summons up a lot of emotions in me. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Thanks John,
Tears are in my eyes right now,thinking of two of the best friends I've ever had.
I am sure their tails are wagging right now.........

John Young

master brummie
Rainbows, end is found

Kate what a lovely place, thank you for sharing it with us
mere mortals, the Anon author,s words were beautiful &
Yours "not too bad" for a Tasmanian devil,, xx John