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One for Rowans fella


Born a Brummie
Many thanks Postie.

Cattells Grove was my Grandparents area.(as you say this was just round the corner) The "old" falla'a family were Rupert street and he is waiting in anticipation to see if you can come up with a piccie of there.

Also we have been searching for a pic of Heathfield Road Maternity Home where he was "pupped"!!!

Hopeful and thank you. you are a star :-*


Born a Brummie
Thank you Postie.

Wonder which "House" he was "pupped" in? ;)

Looks a bitof a posh area don't it? ;D


master brummie
It was a bit 'posh' Rowan.

There was a gated estate called Heathfield Estate, I went there once with mom, and we stood looking through the gates at the big houses in there. Very much later I found that the man who was the head of the department I worked for at ICI lived there.

Is it still gated?


Born a Brummie
Thanks again Postie,

Wonder if this was the pub that Jim's Mother used to go to get "a jug of ale"?

These photo's bring alive the family history tales. They are great.

I don't know the area very well (having been born in Sheldon and raised in Erdington!!!)

But I do vaguely recall going to some very old houses by the Saltley Gasworks and walking over rubble to get to the house we were visiting. I realise now that it was bomb damage.

My Grandad, George Clegg, worked for the railways and I think it may have been Saltley Sheds, if there was such a place?? If not it would be Aston.

I really don't know much about my family as my Mother never spoke of them, so I enjoy trying to find out
about them.

Thank you again Postie and please keep 'em coming.


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
:angel: Postie your a genius...
My Dad played the piano in that pub many a time (We lived across the road in Wickham House) When it closed and was demolished in the early 1960's they gave him 'The Baby Grand Piano', it filled the lounge and there was not much room for anything else .
The pub was situated just at the junction of Rupert St, Great Lister, St and Henry St.
On Cromwell's pic' of the V.E Day parade (Mystery St Thread) they are the same Gasometers of Windsor St Gasworks and I know for sure the Lady that Cromwell mentions (Iris Haycock) and her family use to drink there too.

Rowan if he lived in Adams St it would have been the Windsor St Gasworks, there were railway workshops and sheds at Salty my brother in Law worked there in the 1960's as a shunter.

Chris :angel: