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Old street pics..


master brummie
Pete,it was on the old dual carriageway.by the Clock pub on the Coventry Rd just passed the Old airport.Thought the Canvas roof was coming off.It really did 100 mph I can assure you


Brummie babby
Hello everyone, I've really enjoyed reading through this thread over the past couple of days and viewing the wonderful photographs you have posted.

Our research into my Father's paternal side has lead us to Farm Street, Hockley, in particular, a café. I found an image of Peggy's café on the 'Farm Street' thread but wondered if anyone had any recollections of this café, and in particular those who owned or ran it between the years 1955 and 1965?

Any additional photos would also be most useful! Many thanks.

Lady Lynne

New Member
Learnt to swim there earnt my free pass then during the summer holidays go all the time had to stand in line some times to get in to many kids, the café was over the front entrance door was it Horlicks we would drink ?
If I remember rightly we'd drink Cow & Gate and it was a type of chocolate drink. I learned to swim there to. We had to do the swimming test each year to get the free pass but it was done from school. We went swimming every week from St Laurence's and walked there - strictly in a row and in pairs! I belonged to Northfield Swimming Club as well. Happy Days!


highfield place/granville place..anderton st ladywood...dated 1967

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old square bottom right..date 1962

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old square dated 1969...i remember these shops so well...it is said that they were just basically back filled and still remain more or less intact underground..

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rear of milton st newtown dated 1962

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Thanks Lyn great to see the place of my early years 41 Milton street is where I learned to ride my first bike from