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Old street pics..


master brummie
Three pics of Kingstanding Road ...
Kingstanding Road in 1946. As a young child I often walked along there looking at the horses in the Co op dairy behind the fence on the right of the view. A Co-op milk float (horse drawn) is in the pic behind the cyclist. The large telegraph poles seen in the pic always fascinated me and they carried 54 wires and some can be seen glinting in the sun on the right against the trees.

An existing forum pic below dated 1943 shows the view from the other direction and this shows air raid shelters opposite Goodway Road. The Co-op dairy can be seen on the left with the army Drill Hall behind it, and the telegraph poles.

An earlier pic below (date unknown) shows a view looking up towards Hawthorn Road on the right. Notice the earlier style street lights and older looking bus.
Early Kingstanding Rd.JPG


master brummie
Those lights were electric of course and the bus looks like the AEC Regent type one of which is undergoing restoration by the Wythall Museum.

Theresa Swan

proper brummie kid
Glad you enjoyed them Oldgreetboy2, here are a few more that you might like.
Thank you for the lovely pictures of Greet, I went to Greet School and lived in Lea Road so they bought back so many wonderful memories. I don't suppose that you have any of Lea Road, I used to live at the bottom of the road, opposite Greet School

Theresa Swan

proper brummie kid

Elmdon Boy

master brummie
Seem to remember a children's paddling pool at Small Heath park in about 1959. It had a concrete ship representing a funnelled liner in the centre. The area where it would have been is towards the bottom end of the park from the A45 Coventry Road , just off the edge of Tennyson Road.
I went to look a couple of years ago now, and the area I remember it was was all filled in with grass and trees.
Does anybody else remember it.
Small Heath park was such a lovely well kept park then, with lovely flower beds and a tea room in the centre. You could hire rowing boats on the boating lake.
My neighbour was one of the park keepers, and I remember taking my model sailing boat out on the boating lake when he took me there during the school summer hols.
Lovely days, the park is somewhat depressing now, so sad.
Is this really progress, I don't think so.


master brummie
Hi you are right, it was a lovely park. I spent many a happy hour with my parents in the park in the early 50's. I can even remember the paddling pool being made (I think) and yes I went and had a look in 2000 and the park is a mess. I took my first girl friend there on our first date and had a row boat out on the lake, happy days.......


master brummie
Broad Street before the church in the pic was demolished. The car on the left appears to have the Birmingham Coat of Arms on it's door.
broad street.jpg


Super Moderator
Staff member
That's just past the orthopedic hospital isn't it?. Just about the place where some articulated lorry overtook me when i was supervising a learner driver and then pulled over sharply in front. The police told me the driver " did not remember the incident"

Elmdon Boy

master brummie
Is that the orthopaedic hospital next to the church on the bend on the RH side.
I used to have to go there in the 1950s and early 60s due to being born with flat feet and pigeon toed.
I was given exercises to help the feet arches form and correct the pigeon toedness.
Trouble was as a young child I couldn't be bothered to do them regularly, and Mum and Dad didn't make me do them. Result was although they were corrected somewhat I'm still slightly pigeoned toed today, still it hasn't caused me any problems, except I'm a bit quackers, coe coe. Now wheres my muslie