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Old photos given an airing - partners late fathers pictures


master brummie
I think there should be a law to scan every photograph, it makes me sad to think so many get thrown in skips etc......

Still, I have had these in the shed for a while and thought to put them on hereView attachment 44777
My partner as a girl,


master brummie
Not sure where these locations are...
Lake Vrynwy, which supplies Liverpool's water as the Elan Valley does Birmingham's: Liverpool Docks: two rural locations, and the last one is the Queensway entrance to the Mersey Tunnel.


Staff member
some great pics there kev...i shudder to think how many thousands of old pics have been dumped over the years...thanks Lloyd for identifying the locations...



master brummie
Totaly agree, but as was said to me when my mrs recently passed on. " All this was Moms life.,either with you or Dad. We have to decide how much of this to let into our lives". I am searching through the clutter of 62yrs of someones life and we all know how upsetting that can be when that person was very close. So much has memories but only for the person immediatley affected. What is a piece of rubbish to one person can bring back heartrending memories to a person involved.
I have lots of photos of Lynnes life with her husband and family which will be passed on to her boys. How many will see the light of day again is questionable. Lynne and I took few photos of each other for personal reasons prefering to photo what we saw on our travels. Most of these views can be found in travel books far better done. When I am gone these will probably end up,as you say, in a skip.
Kate, Lynnes mom died and we inhereted photos from the 1950s. Not many but the more interesting ones have been shared out between BHF,Halesowenroots, and Blackcountrygob. Many are of family parties or family gatherings that no one now can put names to faces. All the participants have now passed on.It only takes a link to be broken for these sort ofphotos to become meaningless to other people. I have posted official photos with appeal outside of my family and as yet have had no feed back as recognising people in the image.
I think we must realise most family photos are just personal memories to a small circle of people which in time become meaningless pictures. The trick is recognising those photos and documents that will be of interest to people,both family and public, in the future. A piece of machinery,building or place which is recognizable always adds interest.

I don't know if my mate Soupy is reading these threads but he is an Archivist in the midlands and his advive would be very helpful.

As to my input, it is just from someone who just may have to consign a load of stuff into a skip.


I was sent a photo of a couple about four years ago by a distant family member. We had no idea who they were but now thanks to other family sending me photo's I have managed to put names to them. I know the couple are my grandfathers brother and sister. The photo must date from the 1920's I am thrilled now to know who they are! Don't give up its taken me four years to sort this mystery out.


gone but not forgotten
Lake Vrynwy, which supplies Liverpool's water as the Elan Valley does Birmingham's: Liverpool Docks: two rural locations, and the last one is the Queensway entrance to the Mersey Tunnel.
When doing N/S circa 1948 travelled through the Mersey Tunnel in a troop carrier twice a day for 3 weeks heading for New Brighton, we did`nt have to pay but we had to observe the Tunnel law & our driver was told to keep out of the fast lane by the tunnel police because he was to slow. A bit off topic sorry. Len.


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Some great stuff there Kev, don't think we had a Camera in the our family if we did I never saw it. But I managed to save some Victorian prints which were in a skip after the last of my parents passed on.

Don't know who put them there but it wasn't my parents thats for sure? I was living away at the time


master brummie
Thank you all for your comments, It's great that I now know those locations that he had travelled to, good info about that tunnel also, thanks for looking and the information.
Like Alf my family just did not take many photographs and we have very few of ourselves as kids, but I know my late uncle had some along with some of himself in the Aston, Nechells area as I saw them years ago when it was shown to myself quickly during a visit. I have asked a cousin to try to scan some for me several times over the years but nothing comes of it, he lives in Bournmouth somewhere now.


master brummie
At a guess perhaps a Humber.Looks like one my Headmaster had but I dont think it had the rope holding the boot shut.


master brummie
I also heard that it may be a Morris 8 with runner board, the group picture has the owner on the far left of the picture, Clem?

I also heard that the father of the owner, who apparently took the above picture had a butcher shop in Ladypool Rd, I would love to find out more about that shop, must have been in the 30's 40's ,(also ex horseback soldier WW1)

My partner says the owner of the car died when he was 40 years old,(around 1963/4) hole in heart, and the car was in the garage in the garden at Stechford for years......eventually got rid of, collected for scrap she thinks....

She recalls the ex butcher, her grandad, cooking meat in a sock/, hanging meat inside the oven so it dripped and tasted so good..