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old football photo


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I notice on local news the grave of William McGregor in St Mary's Handsworth has been restored. It would be nice if West Bromwich Albion would do the same for this one. My great grandfather sat on the comittee with William on the formation of the Football League.

Hi Wendy, Obviously this post is getting on for ten years now; but interested to see this picture of Tom Smith's grave. I've located around thirty graves related to Albion players and staff, and have been aiding WBA with their past history. Is this Heath Lane?


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Can anyone help identify where these two football statuettes came from, I inherited them from my dad but he wasnt sure how old, where made or what they might have been for ?, any ideas helpful ?. I was once told the likeness was of Howard Vaughton, Aston Villa FA cup winner but who knows !. I've had them since about 1980 but think 100 years old...thanks ahead?. They might also be from my grandfather time with Small Heath Harriers as family lived in Lloyd Street off Golden Hillock Road.


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