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old car snaps

Richard Dye

master brummie
"Daddy, why does your old car say 2.4 on the back?"
"Well son, it's.. err.. it means 2.4 volts."
"Daddy, why does it have two pipes poking out the back?"
"Ah, yes, that's where the air comes out that came in through the radiator in the front!"
"Don't you have homework to do?"
Love it!


Brummie dude
I fancy a new car:grinning:
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I suggest that you keep clear of the Clyno, the factory closed in August 1929, so spares may be a little scarce. The Ariel, Bean and Swift may pose similar problems. Given the choice I think the Vauxhall Princeton is the one to go for. If it’s too dear, an Austin Heavy Twelve is almost indestructible, but far from sporting.


master brummie
My dad's first car was a Clyno, 2 seater saloon with a 'dicky' seat at the rear. He bought it second hand, at about two years old, and part of the deal was for the garage mechanic to take him out for half an hour and teach him to drive!