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Old brum magazine's


gone but not forgotten
Hi guys ;
i would like to asked the big question as to know does any body knows or remembers when carl chinn started is papers called the old brum magerzines as i am trying very hard to track down as to when or where to start
as we all know its changed since then in was in a news paper form ; called old brum ; news paper ; with all the peoples topic ; i can only presume its been some years since then;and stopped ;
the subjected story in one of thoses paper was the banna ovens of old jamica row ;s i am woundering does anybody have any they want to sell as i would buy them for my self in order to detect the story and photograph
or would it be best to asked the man him self for any recoprds of micro films in storage of the old print
best wishes astonian;


master brummie
Re: Old brum magerzines

Astonian I have quite a number of Carl Chinn's Brummagem magazines which I will give you, I'm having a declutter and would be pleased if they went to a good home, problem is getting them to you, too expensive to post, are you ever in the Castle Bromwich area of Birmingham?


gone but not forgotten
hi sylv;
how are you fine i hope as it leaves me the same , many , many thanks for your kinded heartednes ; I will most certainly be treasureing them
to my very end rest assured is it possible for you to arrange a day and time for me to collect
i come to brum every day as i run a bussines in kings rd tyseley birmingham so it would only take me fifteen min to get to the vale which i know fairly well as i have done alot of bussiness on there and from time to time we come tothere club for line dancing ;
i will pay you some think for them or if not i will make a donation for them if you refuse me ;
i have got a couple of copies which i manage to stumble on a couple of years back but been unable to track any down sinnce
I certainly know what you mean sylv on postal charges they are exstort beleive me i send parcels and packages out acros the four orners
of the universe every day you name it we send it there far away countries
any way slv, many thanks for what you are doing for me so until i here from you i will sign off is it btter you contacted private by my personal
EM or what or he forum i will await your responce best wishes alan; Astonian;;


gone but not forgotten
Good morning sylv
can you let me know whether or not you have received my em to you this morning regarding the maggs ;
as only when i finished typing the address and sending to be posted it conviently the screen flashed for me to logg in when i was already logged in ;
as it sems just of late my posting are being messed around for what ever the reason ;
and i dearly want to get my hands on those maggs ; look foreward to hearing from you
i can tell you my system is very highl secure from inter ceptors ;
best wishes alan;

Carolyn Walker

proper brummie kid
Hi everyone can anyone tell me if Carl Chinn still does his Brumigem magazine,have tried different sites but to no avail