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Old Birmingham Schools - Changed Or Demolished

aston lad

master brummie
Burlington Infant and Junior School
Burlington Senior Girls School
Upper Thomas Infant and Junior School
Upper Thomas Senior Boys School
Aston Hall Road Infants and Junior School
Elkington Street Infant and Junior School
Alma Street Infant and Junior School

Just a few I can recall......gone but not forgotten


proper brummie kid
My old school --- Bordesley Green Grammar School for boys --- 1943 to 1945
Headmaster: Sir Rodney M .S. Pasley Bart, MA.
Other faculty: Malcolm Loveridge, Henry Quinney, George Greatrex, Miss Whalley, Dr.Korn.
Pupils: Billington, Harris, Norman Emms, etc.
School badge: castellated tower with bent human arm holding a weapon (Hammer or Mace???)

Edit. Link to Bordesley Green Grammar School thread is here
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Bordesley Green Grammar School for Boys
School Badge = Castellated Tower with bent human arm holding a weapon (hammer or Mace or ?)

Hello there, tbutlin,
Could this be the "castellated tower with bent human arm holding a hammer" which you are referring to?
Magazine achievement 1965 - Copy.JPG

It is part of the achievement (coat of arms) of the City of Birmingham as used by Bordesley Green Boys' Technical School, which, I know, had many changes to its name during its history. Do you think we're talking about the same school?

Here's the complete achievement which I've taken from the cover of the school magazine together with a photograph of the technical school's blazer badge.

Magazine achievement 1965.JPG....... s blazer badge (Square).JPG

I think it must be the same school.
Best wishes,


knowlegable brummie
I have been quickly through these threads and am disappointed that there seems not to be a mention of Kings Norton Grammar School for Girls. I was there from 1949 - 1955. KINS



Suggest you try writing what you remember about your school and the time you spent there.
I did this and several people responded with fab info.
I cannot but agree with Ted - Threads on any subject mainly exist because someone with an interest in the School [in this instance] has posted information or requested information.


proper brummie kid
Anyone remember Alfred St school sister and I went for school dinners with a poor family chit.Ugh always semed to be potato and cheese pie.Then walked back to Upper Thomas Street.This was in 1939.


master brummie

Harry Hough is right about The Rosary school having an entrance on Hartopp Road, it was the senior school entrance, the junior entrance was accessed on Bridge Road. The entrance to The Rosary Club was also on Hartopp Road. The senior school closed in 1986 and that original building was sold to Birmingham City Council and reopened as Parkfield J&I school.


Edit. Link to the Rosary School thread is here https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/rosary-school.48207/#post-417796
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