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Old Birmingham Schools - Changed Or Demolished


master brummie
Talking of old Birmingham schools and awards I have a copy of Historical Studies by John Richard Green dated 1903 (Macmillan) presented to my grandmother Dorothy Jefferies in 1906 for 1st prize in History in VI form at Waverley Road Secondary School with HG Drew as Headmaster. I'm not sure exactly where this is so if anyone knows please say so. My grandmother lived at 46 Forest Road, Moseley before she met and married my grandfather who lived at 63 Church Road, Moseley. I also have an old book called Her Infinite Variety by EV Lucas, dated 1908 with a letter to Dorothy dated 29 October 1908 from someone who must have been a friend called Lucy Taylor, living at 80 Oakfield Road, Cannon Hill. Interesting family history for me. If I can I will try to scan the frontspiece of each book and the letter for anyones interest.